Matt, Kaitlyn & Emmy- Sunrise at Wanda Beach, Cronulla

October 19, 2021

When Kaitlyn contacted me in regards to having a family photo session done on the beach in Cronulla, she asked me which was preferable, sunrise or sunset? I instantly got excited, as I know that most people rule sunrise out because it’s “too early”. However, with an 8 week old baby, I assumed that Kait would probably be up and about by 6.00am most days anyway! So I took the opportunity to convince her to schedule a sunrise session.

It’s definitely not a hard thing to sell- the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so being on the east coast of Australia it goes without saying that the backdrop is going to be it’s best in the early hours of the morning. Other than that, all parents know the meaning of “witching hour”, so the thought of posing for happy family snaps at sunset can cause anxiety based purely around the thought of a grumpy and uncooperative bub.

I was so excited that Kait chose a sunrise session. I even headed down to the exact location in Cronulla the week before so that I was confident in my timings and suggested perfect spot.

A week later we met at Wanda Beach in Cronulla at 6.00am. Baby Emmy was a dream- no word of a lie. I didn’t see one tear, she was either asleep or awake and curious the entire session.

As you can see below, my job was not a hard one with this beautiful family. I am so thankful that they trusted me to capture this special time for them. The love between Matt, Kait & Emmy was an absolute pleasure to document, and that dreamy backdrop was the icing on the cake.